Saturday, August 23, 2008

What I Did Last Year's August...Part 3 (final)

The last week of last year's August, I've been called again by the Foreign Affairs. This time the venue was in Kuala Lumpur and I don't have to worry about my 3 weeks pregnant wife.

The event was 50 years Merdeka Celebration. The Government wants to make it as grand event and ready to splash out the taxpayers money making lavish ceremonies.

As far as I concerned, after few incidents regarding fellows Liasion Officer and unrest among our bosses to let these officers out to do this country proud, I make it clear that this my last involvement with the Foreign Affairs. As my last contribution, I will make sure that it will run smoothly and turns out to be the best experince I ever had.

The task was New Zealand's Home Affairs Minister, H.E. Rick Barker (he just want me to call him Rick). He arrived on the 29th and as usual, we have to pick him up at the KLIA and make sure his safety to his room in Renaissance Hotel, near KLCC.

Came with his wife Jennifer, his political secretary Kaine Thompson and his protocol assistant , these guest are very funny and easy to handle as they are a bit allergic to protocols. The less protocol the better it is.

This time, I got a suite room just for myself. So, I brought Melmel together so she will not alone and have better understanding my line of work. After a short brief about tomorrow's schedule, we called it a day.

The next morning, the first job is going shopping. His wife, Jennifer is very shopaholic person. I like her. She is small but has very nice personality and accept me as a brother.

This special guest are very fond of Malay's cuisines. So, we brought them to Tupai-Tupai Restaurant and they loved the food very much.

After Tupai-Tupai, I brought them to more places and all of it are restaurant. We go to Sri Melayu, and even Pelita Nasi Kandar.

So, as a response, they brought us to one of New Zealand's War Ship making their 'pit-stop' in Klang Harbour. They had a special party that night...Very special party by the navies. :P

After celebrating our Merdeka Day, its time for them to go home. Jennifer gave me a hug before she left. She seems quite sad but anxious to go home, Before they left, Rick gave me a few hundred Ringgit tips, an All Black Adidas cap, a New Zealand's Manukah Honey and a bottle of New Zealand's Vodka..(I gave the vodka to our Indian driver).

So, to Rick, Jennifer, Kaine, the protocol secretary (sorry, I forgot your name), and our security officer, Pyan..its almost a year now but the memories still strong in my mind.

To All Malaysian, HAPPY MERDEKA DAY!!!! Cherish every moment of freedom while its still ours.

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