Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cinta : The Review

For me, going home after work is such a boring journey. Stucked in a traffic jam is like a daily routine and moving 10km per hour really can brings out one's stupidity especially when he's driving a fast car like Ferarri or just a 'cilokable' Kancil..

Usually I will have something to eat and fill my stomach first before driving back home. At least when your stomach is full, the stupidity that comes out are reduced. But, new problem arise; where to eat??

Then I realised that it has been a while for me since the last time I went to a 'pasar malam'. Lucky for me, there was a 'pasar malam' in front of vista angkasa and I parked my car nearby. After bought some 'nasi ayam' and 'keropok lekor' for dinner, I saw a stall selling pirated CDs and finally for RM4, I bought a Malay movie, Cinta. I know that it is wrong especially for a government servant like me to support these pirates but honestly I never feel satisfied with the standard of a Malay movies and frankly speaking, most of Malay movies CDs should should be sold same price as a pirated one..I'm not a generous guy but i'm not that stingy neither..

But I guess I was wrong..

Not because of the inconvenience watching a very low quality of dubbing process, fed-up with the interruption when the cd hanged and the idiotic act of not buying extra stock for cigarets...but i found out that this 'Cinta' is the kind of a story I've been waiting all along. The story line, the plots, the scripts and all the expression of the actors were put in a higher standard than before. It really makes the industry proud.

Although it was a bit similar to a Filipino telemovie called "Bcoz of U" and American movie "Love Actually", but still 'Cinta' has its own originality and quality. As our industry has upgraded, maybe next time, Malaysian's producer could use a proper film to shoot so that our movie will not look like a 'soap-drama' kind of picture..

I really recommend this movie, and it worth buying the original CD..hehehe..ok,ok..I will also get one original too..like the motto when I was in USM, Penang. "Kepimpinan melalui teladan"..

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pameran Kegemilangan Sains dalam Tamadun Islam

Jumaat lepas, aku telah diarahkan untuk memastikan lawatan 9 buah bas ke Pameran Kegemilangan Sains dalam Tamadun Islam berjalan lancar. Rupa-rupanya mereka tu orang kampung Timbalan Ketua Pengarah aku, Pn. Che Gayah. Pada mereka, TKP aku ni adalah idola bagi parents-parents yang ada di kampung tu. Dalam banyak perkara, nama TKP aku ni laa yang sering disebut-sebut utk dijadikan contoh dan teladan untuk anak-anak mereka.

Well, our journey started after Solat Jumaat, as it turns out 'semua tak pegi' sebab diaorg musafir, including me..hehehe..

Aku dengar group semalam kucar kacir sebab arahan dari pihak Urusetia tak berapa jelas. So, awal pagi lagi aku dah jumpa Urusetia dan dapatkan arahan yang sepatutnya untuk aku dan ahli group aku.
First stop, Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra Hall,the place where Datuk Siti Nurhaliza organized a concert with Dato' S.M Salim. Aku takut tak sempat dengan masa Dewan tu beroperasi, jadi situlaa aku tuju dulu. Walaupun the audience hanya mendengar taklimat dari pegawai yang bertugas di sana, but they gave their best attention to the brief they've been given.

But the main event for that day, is the Exibition itself..it only took them about 1 hour to finish the exibition with the help of "Digi ghost look alike" that wears a yellow uniform with mini P.A System attached to thier body..

Lawatan berakhir pada pukul 6 petang apabila semua ahli lawatan menaiki bas masing-masing. Ucapan 'terima kasih' tak lekang dari mulut mereka. Kembang hati aku, atleast kami dah lakukan tugas kami dengan baik. Syabas..