Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Minyak oh Minyak!!!!!

Its been a while since I last blog in...lots of things happens in a week..finally i got a lovely house and living hapily ever after with my mel-mel..

But today is a different story..last night, my sister came to KL just for a sightseeing with her husband and their childrens..maybe to refresh back the romantic memories...i dun give a fuck..

Jadi dalam perjalanan pulang kami berjumpa kakak aku, 'terkejut beruk' kami melihat banyak giler keta yang beratur di stesen minyak,sampaikan aku pun nak terlanggar salah sebuah keta yang beratur tuh..

Rupa-rupanya harga minyak akan naik 30 sen...diulangi 30 sen!!!!
Jadi untuk satu tank penuh keta aku..additional RM15.00 terpaksa ditanggung oleh aku sekarang...JAHANAM!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

International Friendly: Malaysia vs New Zealand

Last Sunday, when I woke up, I immediately turn on the TV. On channel 80, Astro Super Sport there was live telecast at 11.00 a.m. in the morning, an international football match between New Zealand vs Malaysia. I was shock at first, "since when ESPN turns their eyes on Malaysian team?"

So, without having bath yet, I sit infront of TV and wacth the game. With a ciggarate in my hands and blinking my eyes just 2 times in a minutes, the referee has blown his whistle.I was too excited to see our national team , the Tigers playing against other team.

But, I actually can stand for only 5 minutes without cursing to our own team. They still carried the image of 'kampung' style of play.. when a ball kick to one place, there must be 3 or 4 of our players run for the ball,running madly like they were chased by a dog..but sadly,its the opponent who get the ball..and it just one of them who run for the ball and the others just waiting at their own area.So our team were easily being counter attacked by the Blacks because there is no one is covering their own post/area...maybe its the instruction from the coach.

Other things that I can see regarding the so-called The Tigers, the strikers were so sellfish..
When they get the ball, they tried their best to dribble all the defences and try to get their name on the score sheet.. maybe they were blinded by the defences to see that their friends are in the best position to score, or maybe they are just too stupid to play soccer..come on maaa...even Ronaldo or Zidane would pass the ball if they think that they have no space to score..

Luciky, the New Zealand team is also too stupid too beat Malaysian team although they keep the possesion 90-10...in every 5 minutes, they will attack and attemp shooting but their attackers were also too blunt to score...lucky for Malaysia..but in the 86th minutes, maybe one of their strikers just realising that they will draw with the 'bimbo's wearing yellow shirts if they didnt put the ball at the back of the nets..so one of the New Zealand strikers take his lucky shot and scored...so sad for The Tigers, if they can hold for another 5 minutes, the media surely will put the news with the biggest size font
Malaysia 0 - New Zealand 0 or We hold the Blacks!!

Fuck off Malaysian football team..if you guys still playing like that and still carries the 'kampung boy' style of playing..you'll go nowhere..

Now I'm looking forward to watch My Team vs Malaysia.I cant wait to see Malaysian team were beaten by a bunch of an original 'kampung boy'!!!

Tonight, there's a match between Chelsea vs Barcelona. Chelsea!! Chelsea!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last Week Post Mortem

Last week I must say the most terrible week i've gone through.

First time in my life I only had RM 50 in my pocket to survive the whole 3 weeks to payday.Thanks to the BULLSHIT MEGASALE that reduced the numbers in my savings account to a single digit, I wonder why its called Megasale at the first place? But fortunately, my bike has been sold, so I had an extra money..lucky me!

But it doesnt stop me to give all my commitment to my work,but sometimes an old man could be a pain in the ass.Last Friday, I was scheduled to replace my boss to have meeting from morning to evening, I should be relief as I dont have to do any works that day. But, maybe on that day,my Chief Director had his PMS or maybe that morning he woke up with huge dildo on his ass..I was being 'tiaw'ed all day long and he make me to be his scape goat for all his mistakes..and the climax is I was not allowed to go into a meeting that I supposed to be the secretary and to jot all the minutes..What is this??? I was so fucked up..

So, I take this as a positive one..since my boss is not around, and I was not needed to attend the fucked up meeting..so I just go into my room and read some blog until 5pm.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Akibat Meludah

Seorang pemuda hensem yang sedang mabuk, berjemur dipantai tanpa pakaian menutup tubuhnya. Ketika dia melihat seorang anak gadis kecil lebih kurang berumur 7 thn berjalan melintasinya. Dengan pantas dia menutup bahagian tubuhnya yang tertentu dengan buku yang dibacanya.

Kerana hairan, anak gadis kecil itu berkata, "Abang, apa abang tutup dengan buku tu?"tanya anak gadis kecil sambil menunjuk ke arah buku.

Kerana malu, pemuda itu menjawab "Ah..tidak ada apa-apa. Ini hanya seekor burung pipit!"

"Seekor burung pipit?" tanya gadis itu kebingungan

"Betul, hanya seekor burung pipit," jawab pemude itu dengan lebih tegas.

Setelah gadis itu pergi berlalu, si pemuda kembali membaca buku sambil meneguk minumankerasnya.Tak lama kemudian, si pemuda tertidur. Ketika terbangun, dia berada di hospital dan merasa sakit yang amat sangat.

Seorang polis menanyainya...."Apa yang terjadi?"

"Saya tidak tahu. Saya sedang berjemur di pantai, lalu ada gadis kecil bertanya sebentar dan tidal lama setelah dia pergi saya tertidur dan kini tiba-tiba berada di sini".

Polis itu pergi ke pantai mencari gadiskecil dan bertanya, "Apa yang kamu lakukan terhadap lelaki yang sedang berjemur itu tadi?"

Gadis itu menjawab, "Saya tidak melakukan apa-apa terhadap abang tu pon...Cume waktu dia tidur tadi, saya bermain dengan burung pipitnya. Tapi tidak lama kemudian, burung itu meludahi muka saya. Kerana itu saya patahkan leher dan paruhnya...saya pecahkan telur-telurnya dan saya bakar sarangnya!...."

New Format - Resignation Letter - How about it?

Today I was soo boring and dunno what to do. So, i recheck my old email inbox and i found this interesting letter that my friend send me when we're fucked up with our boss in our past company.Now both of us is a government servant...serve you right!!! Kami yang menurut perintah....


Dear Sir (Sir my ass!)

This will confirm my fucking resignation with your fucked up company. I have accepted a lucrative position with a company where being a bitch is not a job prerequisite for managerial skills. I am looking forward to my new position and the challenges that await me, unlike when I worked with you assholes. My last day of work will be when you realize I came in late the night before and cleaned out my desk, including all the stationery supplies I requested and received last week (haha).

I've deliberately left lots of undone shit for the new fucker, not forgetting the ongoing projects I never completed. I'm certain your dumb ass will never figure out what's happening. Once the company finds out that you don't know a damn thing, they will not only fire my replacement, but your ass as well. Please feel free not to say a damn thing to me should you see me on the streets, unless you want your ass kicked.

My experience with this fucking company has been very unrewarding. I appreciate having had the opportunity to use you as a stepping stone to a better future. I wish you and the organization not a fucking thing, bitch-ass motherfuckers!
Fuck you very much.

My worst regards to you and your torn-pussy mother.
Insincerely yours,

Mr. Poo Kee Mak

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Judi Nombor

Tak tahu apesal hari ni aku rasa nak tulis dalam BM..mungkin aku dah penat sebab tulis report tahunan dalam BI tadi kot...tapi better guna bahasa rojak..ppl dont called this a blog if its written in proper language, rite???

So, berbalik kepada judi nombor. Pasal main nombor nih,aku dah terdedah sejak kecik sebab abang aku pada zaman muda diaorg pernah main nombor dan member-member aku masa universiti dan sekarang pun kuat main nombor.Cuma mungkin pada masa tuh aku tak pernah terbukak hati nak main nombor kot.

First time aku beli nombor masa aku rasa boring time DPA..hahaha..kan dah terbongkar rahsia aku...Aku biasa ponteng kelas dan lepak di cc (cyber cafe) di Seksyen 14 PJ, kat sebelah cc tuh ada kedai mamak dan satu kedai Sports TOTO kecik. Nak dijadikan cerita,keta aku ada eksiden kecik, jadi aku ambik laa no keta aku, 9709 dengan no keta ayah aku, 5733 dan no keta kawan aku,3090. Semua aku beli singgit je. Dengan tidak disangka-sangka, no 5733 naik hadiah Special yang bermaksud aku entitled for RM 200 prize..biasa laa ni, ramai orang cakap "Beginner's Luck", tapi pada aku..pegi laa mampos!

So, aku dengan muka yang merah padam sebab malu, pegi claim hadiah.Dalam kepala aku, berfikir nak buat apa dengan duit tu.Jadi masa balik ke Intan,aku panggil kawan-kawan dan aku belanja diorg makan di KESKI (kiranya macam Ko-op la)..pada kawan-kawan yang join makan,aku mintak maaf laa ye..aku seorang yang jahil..

Excited dengan kemenangan itu, aku pun terus berkecimpung dalam bidang ni.Bayangkanlah, sekali draw dapat RM200.Dalam seminggu ada 3 kali draw dan dalam sebulan ada 12 kali draw.Kalu 12 x 200 = 2400. Dah lebih dari gaji aku sebulan!! Tapi aku buat research dulu..so aku join laa forum-forum macam 4d2u.com, 4dprediction.com sebelum aku beli sesuatu nombor.

Kalu korang join forum tuh,macam-macam laa korang boleh tahu dan macam-macam jugak laa teori kaki-kaki judi ni..baca dari bar code la, baca dari code number laa..ada yang tahu tu number masuk 3 batang dan masuk penuh laa..full with bullshits from the fucked up citizens.

Sejak aku kena satu kali tuh,aku dah tak kena lagi dah sampai aku rasa boring.Boring dengan luck aku yg macam sial dan boring dengan ramalan-ramalan nombor dari forumers yang memang takkan kena.Ada tok cai cina yg buat perkhidmatan ramalan nombor ekor pun call aku.Mintak bayaran RM 70 - RM 800.Aku pikir,kalu mereka bole buat ramalan kenapa diaorg sendiri tak ambik nombor dan tak kaya-kaya pun?Thats make me more fucked up!!! Time tuh aku masih berkursus di INTAN.Kiranya timeframe aku main judi nombor nie kejap je,dalam 2 bulan. Konsep aku,kalu buat sesuatu tuh tak nampak kejayaan atau progress dalam masa 2 bulan,aku dah anggap menda tuh gagal.

So, i've made a conclusion. 4D is for loser, you'll make the tokeh of Sports TOTO, Magnum, and Da Ma Cai (Kuda) more richer and richer everyday..but still if you see on the draw day, these digit games outles were filled with people,MELAYU pun ada , even its written small and blurly there "JUDI ADALAH HARAM DISISI AGAMA ISLAM.KANAK-KANAK BERUMUR DIBAWAH 12 TAHUN DAN ORANG ISLAM ADALAH DILARANG MEMASUKI PREMIS INI!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Day dinner

It’s Valentine Day, the most stressful day of the year.

For those who are sitting a lone tonight without a date, it’s stressful.

For those who have a date but forgot to book a restaurant table, it’s doubly stressful.And for those who managed to get a table, and found out that the menu prices have shot astronomically upwards to Mars, it’s triply stressful.

Mel Mel and I have an agreement to postponed our Valentine's celebration. We only can celebrate the weekend before or the weekend after. That way, we avoid the crowds and the high prices. Mel Mel is allergic to crowds and heat(that makes her headache and at one point the headache will spread to me if she dont stop blabbering) . I am allergic to high prices. I remember the time when we went to a small restaurant in Shah Alam to have seafood for our Valentine Day dinner. We were early and the restaurant was half empty. Halfway through our meal of seafood, the crowds arrived. We could see the couples waiting anxiously for empty tables, the look of intense desperation on their worried faces, like they have just shitted in their new Valentine-brand underwear.

While I was still tearing a huge crab apart, as romantically as I could, one desperate couple hovered nearby, waiting for us to quickly vacate the table. I found that mildly distracting, especially when I was attempting my best to look romantic while repeatedly slamming the crab claw viciously with a hammer. We decided that Valentine Day dinner was a bad idea from that day onwards.