Monday, August 18, 2008

Things I Did Last Year's August..part 1

In August last year, I did more challenging and exciting things than this year's August. It worth to share to others rather than just to keep it to myself. This are the things that I did Last Year's August.

1. In the first week, I was in Langkawi. Eventhough it happens 2 weeks after my wedding but its not our honeymoon and I was alone, separated with my wife. If its not because the duty for the country, there was no way we could be apart.

I was choosen by the Foreign Affairs to be part of Langkawi International Dialougue (LID). The task was to be the Liasion Officer (LO) cum Protocol Officer for Swaziland's King, King Mswati III..although in the end my friend, Rafiza was taking the task and I was the LO for his 9th bride, Queen Lamagongo.
('da man)
(The queen was the tallest, standing on the left side of Datin Seri Jeanne)

There are lots of stories and experience while duty but I rather keep it to myself this time. Its national security, dude. Just kidding.. but maybe next time.

But what I really can't forget was the chance to snap a pic with our beloved 'Che Det'. At first I was the only man asking to snap a pic with him before he had his dinner. Later, I was surrounded by my colleague.
(Thank you, Tun)

2. In LID, I got sms from my wife. She always sms me all the time but this time it is quite unusual because it comes with a pic that speaks the meaning for itself.

For those who are unfamiliar with this, it is DIY Pregnancy Test and the two red lines indicates that the person tested is pregnant.

(Moral of the story: I gonna be a dad!!!) be continue

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nmfairus said...

Wah, sian nyer.. 2 minggu kawen dah kena berjauhan ngan wife. Takpa la, bak kata orang, sayang isteri tinggal-tinggalkan.. huhuu..