Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Meeting in Tioman Island

After LID in Langkawi, I have to left my wife alone again for a stupid JKP meeting in Tioman Island. Its all because our big boss wants to go snorkeling. Im so fucked up..

But I am a positive person, I will bring my camera together and try to snap some nice picture to show to my wife. Maybe in the future, i'll try to arrange a trip there..just for both of us..oh yeah, i forgot......theres another person will always follow us after this...this little devil inside her belly.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I am a married Person

20.07.2007 - Kuala Terengganu.
The Akad Nikah ceremony between me and Melmel were being held at my house in Kuala Terengganu and run smoothly that day with me doing the Lafaz Akad only once...!!! Look at the proud of us..
Bersanding ceremony..about 2000+ people coming. Only after the ceremony in the evening, i've been told that the chicken dishes and the pickles were "sold out" as early as 2 pm..
Nway, we are married now..and its been a month already.
For all friends, thank you for your wishes and we wish you guys the same..

New Man

Hello...I'm Back.

After a few months since I left Met. Dept. and adapting my life in MOSTI, I felt an overwhelming wave of tense and bored surrounded I said to myself. I need to blog..

One of things that I hate here in MOSTI is the computer.. you can access from here but you cannot transfer you picture from phone or your digital camera into the computer..seriously, I have a lot of pictures to be put in here but I can't. That's why i stopped blogging.

Theres a lot i would like to I'm married and my wife's car looks normal again..places that i went..being a Liaison Officer, but to me a story isn't complete without a picture.
So, I didn't post a single story or any fucking updates because I CANT PUT MY PICTURE IN IT!!!

Anyway, we are living in a high technology world. I'll try to update this page regularly with or without pictures..InshaAllah.

First thing first, I start with changing its skin...hows that??