Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Year News

Hello everybody,

Sorry I cant updates my blog regularly now because of my workload in office and I cant access blogger anymore in my office. But I hope its not too late to wish you Happy New Year...hehehe..

Well, recently all of the topics more concetrating on becoming 8th March..our general election..but I never vote duh... I never believe in the democracy in our country..its more like capitalism democracy to me..but hey what the hack..I dont give a damn..

A few days ago, I got a phone call from a fellow friends telling me about the sensitivity of my recent posts and adviced me to delete it before anything bad happens.

To me, blogs are for public to read on anything that pops in your head or your opinion about something..freedom of speech is what we didnt have in our country today...and I was about to ignore the advice given..

But then, my wife's face and the thought of our new will-born child keep playing in my mind..
Sorry..I have to delete it...I love my family...sorry again..