Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things I Did Last Year's August..part 2

Back from Langkawi, I'm off to another island. This time its Tioman. And again I have to left my beautiful pregnant wife at home for the whole weekend and of course we are not quite happy about that. But you can never say 'no' to your work even you hated it so much!!

From Subang Airport, a fokker owns by Berjaya Air brought us directly to Tioman Island and a bus is already waiting for us to the next destination. Needless to say where we are heading to..of course its Berjaya Tioman Resort. Can you believe it, Ministerial meeting in such resort. How nice of 'em.

This is the actual chalet there. My room was on the right in the ground floor level . There was a lovely Korean couple staying upstair, sometime I can hear them "sexercising"..hehe

The meeting was only 2 days. After that..Enjoy!!!

First activity was snorkeling. My mood quite unstable after being scolded by "you know who" eary in the morning. But what the heck..just forget bout it and enjoy the day. In the end, it turns out that Dato' "you know who" get drowned and guess who saved her that day? IT WAS ME!!!!

After that, Tioman Sea Reservertory (Taman Laut Tioman). Just look at the fish..glad I didn't brings my fishing rod with me. The penalty for fishing here is quite scary..RM400 for one fish!!

The next day, journey home. No more flights. We have to take ferry to the nearest jetty and bus back to Putrajaya.

To be continue..

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