Monday, October 22, 2007

Back to hectic life

Today I am back to work. Malasnya rasa nak buat kerja.
Pertamanya, aku dah tak tahu mana nak start keja yang tertunggak.
Kedua, aku masih dalam mood raya.
Ketiga, penat drive tak ilang lagi (walaupun dah sampai KL ari Rabu lagi).
Keempat, fikir pasal duit sebab gaji masuk awal dan next gaji masuk akhir bulan 11.
Kelima, aku rasa nak tido
Keenam, aku nak main game PS2 yang aku baru beli semalam
Ketujuh, memang aku malas nak buat kerja!!!!

Sebenarnya, tak kiralah berapa alasan kita sekalipun. Tapi bak kata pepatah Melayu "nak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih".

So, back to work everybody!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

This is the last post for this week coz im going back to my hometown in Terengganu. Ohh..I cant wait have those 'ikan bakar', 'goreng daging' Mi's recipies, and don't forget; golf with Abg Mat.

Tonight is the'Launching of our astronought' but NASA used the terms "space flight participants" but regardless of what others said, we as a Malaysian should be damn proud because two of our countrymen had undergone a hell of a training and now one of them is going to outer space.

Well, I think Raya fever has gotten me more than those astronought.

Before I pen off, I would like to wish all of you that reads my blog :

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Half day

Semalam selepas aku selesai menaip previous post aku, tiba-tiba mata aku rasa macam kena cili..pedih dan sakit..bila dah ok skit,aku sambung buat keja. Tapi bila tenung monitor komputer, terus pedih balik...air mata toksah cerita laa..keluar macam pili air, but i am not even crying..

So, aku mintak permission bos aku untuk ke klinik..dan aku pun pegi laa ke klinik berdekatan di Precint 8 (dkt tu je yang aku tahu pun).

Lepas buat check up dengan doktor di sana. Aku disahkan terkena "keradangan mata" dan mendapat cuti sakit separuh hari..sebotol ubat titik dan beberapa ubat lain. RM35 duitku terbang.

Apa lagi..aku terus balik rumah laa...dan begitulah tajuk post aku kali ini..

Monday, October 08, 2007

Shocking weekend

To my disbelief, lots of unbelievable things happens this weekend.

Numero uno!!

England cruises through with 12-10. Sorry was not your day!!

And New Zealand "All Blacks" also walks out from World Cup with 18-20 defeat to home team, France. This was a bit shocked. I watched the game, even though it started at 3 am and ends at 6 am. I was devastated. Siting in front of my tv in disbelief , wearing an All Blacks cap that the New Zealand's Minister gave me and not remembering my wife called me crazy before that..

Number 2.

F1 Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton was denied the Youngest Number One title as he crashed and walked out from Chinese Grand Prix pointless. Now the title chase is a three-man race between Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikonen and Lewis Hamilton.

Anyway, shit happens all the time!!

Friday, October 05, 2007


Yesterday I managed to buy 2 ticket for The Clash of Times ; Roger Ferderer vs Pete Sampras.

It will be held on 20/11/2007 in Melawati Satdium, Shah Alam. Yes...its in Malaysia.

RM 90 for a seat in row N. Although its quite expensive but what the heck..its a game of a lifetime!!!

Game of the week

There will be an important match in this weekend but its not in the EPL but RWC.
RWC?? Is it a new wrestling programme??
No you dumb ass..its Rugby World Cup!!!

Match 1.

England vs Australia

Prediction : With a team that a re not as strong as before, Australia can take their revenge from losing to England in the previous World Cup Final..

Match 2.

New Zealand "All Blacks" vs. France

The All Blacks had thrashed France 61-10 in their previous meet in Wellington three months ago. I dont think All Blacks can be stop this year..GO ALL BLACKS!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The 4 Point Checklist Before You Buy Used Golf Clubs

Buying used golf clubs is a good choice for budget golfers and new golfers. Today, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the brand name golf clubs that you are interested. You can find many good quality yet cheap used golf clubs on the Internet fairly easily. But the fact that used golf clubs was used; the condition of the clubs could vary depending upon how often it was played. So, here are the checklists before you start shopping for used golf clubs:

Golf Club Heads

Make sure the used golf clubs do not have major dents and scratches all over the club heads. Ideally, the club heads should be free of gouges, chips in paint, ball marks and scratches. Since it is a used golf clubs, slight ball marks and minor blemishes on top of club head are acceptable.

Golf Club Faces

Golf club faces is utmost important because dents and scratches especially on the clubface could seriously affect the flight path of the golf ball. You may want to check the clubface for worn spot. Usually, face wear is obvious on the used golf clubs that had been heavily played for a long period of time. In general, club face with the scoring lines and markings that still sharp with litter wear and scratches is consider in good condition.

Golf Shafts

Golf shafts are the second important area to check. For graphite golf shafts, check for potential shaft burn or bag wear areas that may cause weakness. For steel golf shafts, check for any bending signs. Make sure the shaft is structurally sound. Finally, verify the used golf clubs set has similar golf shafts on all golf clubs so that the feeling of the golf swing is consistent among all the golf clubs.

Golf Grips

Make sure the golf grips don't have cracks, splits and worn areas. Even if the grips appear to be perfect on the used golf clubs, you may still have to change the grips as the grip size may not be right for you . If the used golf clubs need to be re-gripped, you will need to pay additional RM300 to get every grip in the golf bag changed (it's about RM25 per club).

Golf Set Consistency

Check through all the golf clubs for incomplete and non-matching sets. Make sure the used golf set has consistent shaft models, shaft lengths, shaft flexes and lie angles. Also, verify there are no duplicate clubs within the used golf set. Moreover, make sure the Irons set must consist of at least eight (8) irons in either a 3-PW or 4-SW combination. Finally, look for any non-factory alterations (such as non-factory installed shafts).
Happy golfing everyone!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Hmmm... dah naik lagi.. last elaun ni naik adalah pada tahun 2005 di dalam Pekeliling Perkhidmatan bil.26 tahun 2005. Best laa junior kami, dapat claim 'cow-cow'!!

Time aku dulu claim untuk baju istiadat baru RM750, lepas aku dah claim, terus naik RM1000. Sekarang dah naik RM1500!!!

Untuk baju Black-tie (baju nie aku sendiri tak tau mcmana rupa bentuk dia) dari RM500 (time aku) naik kepada RM650 (2005) dan sekarang naik lagi kpd RM1000!!!

Dan untuk Pakaian ke majlis rasmi, dulu Kerajaan beri RM300 je, pada 2005 naik laa sikit lagi RM 450 dan sekarang ni, RM650 dan RM450 kepada pasangan (dulu-dulu takde nih)..

Untuk rujukan yang lebih lanjut boleh klik di sini.

Tapi aku heran...bukan semua kakitangan awam yang dapat keistimewaan ni. Nape takde bonus yek???

Avram "go to hell" Grant

The Avram Grant experiment at Stamford Bridge is creating tension and discord in the Chelsea dressing room, after players feel Grant is not the right man for the job.
Does it need a few games to proof that this Israeli knew nothing about Chelsea's Football? Or does the Russian owner too stupid to realise??
Since taking over from Jose "The Great One" Mourinho, Grant's record has been dismal. Apart from Chelsea's 4-0 win over Hull City in the Carling Cup, the Israeli has yet to taste victory in the Premiership. Fulham were nearly close to ending Chelsea's long unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge.
That left many of the Chelsea supporters frustrated at the plight of the club. Some even turned on owner Roman Abramovich. One threw his shirt to the ground and screamed abuse at the Russian. Abramovich's increasingly hands-on stance at the club is proving unpopular with the fans.

For Grant though, a former Israel national team coach, appears to have failed in attempts to quell resistance to his appointment as Chelsea manager. According to reports, senior players continue to doubt his ability and qualifications to lead a team of Chelsea's calibre. Members of the coaching staff also have little faith in him.
Will Chelsea self-destruct under Roman Abramovich's meddling hands? Well, to me it depends on who comes to replace Avram "your time is up" Grant!!
P/S: Never trusted your properties to an Israeli !!! They make yours as theirs...and then they owns it...