Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stop Making People Angry

Yesterday our PM has blamed civil servants for many of the problems in the country which has made the people angry and hate the government.

You can read the details from The Sun here.

Let me quotes a few:

"...for example, our inefficiency in doing our jobs, our extreme bureaucratic measures which make people hate us,our actions which people think involved corruption, or our decisions on the private sector or the people which were made too late,"

"Don’t let people think we are not responsible, not trustworthy, not caring at all or arrogant. This will surely make them angry and this is not good because all these are our own doing."

Well Mr PM, isn't yourself you're talking about just now?


nmfairus said...

Sy pernah terbaca dulu satu artikel, tp lupa dah kat mana source dia. It's say politician skrg sudah more independent in term of management and policy formulation. They doesn't need anymore civil servant opinion to formulate and implement the policy. Their reason is the politician now is educated person and wisdom.

Sorry tak dpt cari source asal artikel ni..

X-weatherman said...

Its okay and thanks for the info.

Sorry, I can't agree with that statement as I am currently a civil servant.

Pada Kementerian-Kementerian yang mempunyai Menteri yang ada PhD sekalipun, pengurusan masih dibuat oleh penjawat awam. Apatah lagi penggubal polisi, hanya pegawai yang paling junior yang bertungkus-lumus mcm nak mati buat kerja.

Menteri?? Takkan nak suruh menteri pegi tangkap orang jual vcd cetak rompak kot?

So, where goes the management, policy formulation, and the implementation without civil servant?