Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekly snippet

I don't know why these few days my Celcom Broadband connection had failed me. It caused me less time in the net and updating this blog. Nevertheless, work life also been hectic for me.

Today, my baby Emi is five months old. She is even cuter than before, with a bit essence from me..hehe

A lot of things happen during this week.

1. Tan Sri A. Samad Ismail our hero, our fighter for independence had breath his last. Pak Samad was a journalist, a nationalist, pejuang bangsa , pejuang bahasa. He was a teacher, a leader. He fought to free this country from the shackles of colonialism. He helped free us as a nation. (I borrow these words from Rocky). Al-Fatihah.

2. Bajet 2009 had been announced by our 'beloved' PM. Thank God, we got our 'one month bonus'. There's a lot of good things in this 2009's Budget. Kudos..

3. I heard lots of rumours about our batch's promotion. I understand that we are due for our confirmation but promotion again?? Well, I wouldn't say no to it but I don't think its right as I still need to learn more about our core-business. For career-wise, it is excellent for me but it is bad for people's recognition as we are still considered as inexperienced.

Nway, its 7 Ramadhan 1429 Hijriah, Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

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