Saturday, September 13, 2008

Its All About Numbers

I have a few interesting numbers to share. These numbers are quite related with me.

Numero Uno : 2

Well, I've made myself a promise. In these next 2 years, I will make this beauty in the picture be mine. I'm a big fan of Merc especially C200 Compressor.

2nd : 12
I am a subscriber to Time Magazine and Reader's Digest for quite a year now and receive the mags weekly for Time and monthly for Reader's Digest. But since I was busy with my life, I haven't got the time to read. So, yesterday after I put my daughter to sleep, I manage to finish 9 copies of Time and 3 from Reader's Digest. My head gone 'tepu' and I fall asleep too after that.

3rd: 44
Last week I heard good news about my confirmation but the letter is not yet received. If this is true, I can apply for my PTK3 ASAP..hehehe
4th: 700
This blog had reached its 700th visitors. Not much if you compared to "che det's" 6 million. But to me, it really worth it when somebody give a damn about what I've wrote. Thank you.
5th : 111,111
My car had gone his 111,111th kilometer this week. Its nearly 10 times the Earth diameter and nearly 1/3 the distance from Earth to Moon. Well, its a long journey for a car.

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