Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a day!!

Actually I got nothing to write. My head was blank. Not that I got loads of work today..I dunno, it just went blank...

After work I had to stay back a bit. Gone 'lepak-lepak' at Alamanda..seeing some friends. Thought going for a movie might be a great idea, but I'll miss my prayer time. So, the plan was cancelled.

Still I can't go home yet..

Its not my plan to go home a bit late today but I had a mission to be accomplish. The mission was to fetch Abah, Kak Yuni and Abg Zul from LCCT. They and Umi had a trip to Jakarta and Bandung tomorrow. Can't tell you how jealous I was.

The ETA was 10pm.

So here I am..alone in LCCT , waiting for them to arrive.

Lucky the drinks was not disappointing..


nmfairus said...

That's right Bro, when we got so many work to be done, our mind is start boggling to sort it out. Just try ur best Bro..

About the movie, me too, always have to cancel for watching movie plan. I can't barely remember when the last time I watched movie, huhuu, but I'm still remember the first movie I've ever watch. It's Army of The Darkness in REX cinema, Kuala Terengganu. I believe the cinema is not exist anymore.. Just memory remains. :-)

X-weatherman said...

Hahaha..REX first movie was..The Best of the Best..and then one if Jet Li's earliest movie, Tai Chi Master..still remember how I 'kow-tim' with the guard to let me in for free..

But the cinema has turn to dust now..only the memories remains..