Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ways to save petrol

Last week, I was asked by my old school mate to promote his company's latest invention. A system to reduce petrol usage and improves engines just by a mere call from your phone.

Before this he let me tried an oil addictive called the "Petrol Booster" and I have analysed the addictive.

I found out that the booster really effective on a long journey as it can save for about 40% of fuel usage but it doesn't help much in the city if you're trapped in a traffic jam.

Now, I present to you guys the "modus-operandi" of this "INFO-SIGNAL" :

(click the pic to read)

So Ahmad Zul Izzi Fauzi, Sales Director for Metabolix Sdn Bhd, don't say I didn't give you a hand..

And friends, if you're interested, do give me your details on the comment and I will contact you ASAP.

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