Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today I got an invitation from a friend. The invitation was to play paintball for free as long as we like. The venue was at MATIC, beside Saloma Bistro in Jalan was in-conjuction with "The Fiesta" under the Tourism Ministry.

So, some of us arrived on time but the game starts at 1030. But firstly, we have been given a simple briefing about the rules, the do's and don't also about the mechanism used by the gun.

Mind ya, they didn't called it a gun. Its a 'Paint Marker'.

So after that, the war begin..
I shoot, I run, I duck, and I die..over and over again..set after set..
In the end, I was very happy, the team was happy and full of sportmanship.
All of us got some 'souvenir' to be brought home.
And I got mine...

Thats why I called this game : 'Pain' Ball!!


Hambali ® said...

macam love bites je

X-weatherman said...

A'ah..memang mcm love bite..
Dan aku kira ada lebih kurang 30 'love bite' seluruh tubuh aku arituh..