Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ferrari joke

Have you heard this one?
Enzo Ferrari, who prided himself on his designing ability for cars, died and went to heaven. There, he met God and had a technical discussion with Him.

"You know, God," said Enzo Ferrari, "I think you made some serious design flaws when you created women!"

"How so?" inquired God. "What is wrong with women?"

"Well," replied Enzo Ferrari. "Women have so many design faults that I don't even know where to begin. I'll just mention three basic things wrong with 'em. When you take women shopping, their brakes don't work. Neither does the steering; you try to steer them one way and they go the other way. And you can spend all night adjusting their headlights but the result is still the same in the morning. You kow, God, the design flaws are so darn serious that I don't think that they can be fixed short of a major design overhaul."

"Hmmmphh!" remarked God. "You think you can design anything better?"

"Sure!" Enzo Ferrari replied brightly. "In my car design, the cars go wherever you steer them, stop whenever you want them to stop and their headlights are easily adjusted with a simple turn of a screw! My design is perfect!"

God looked thoughtful, and then He said, "Well, there must be something very wrong with your design, coz lots more men are riding my design than yours!"

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