Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Day dinner

It’s Valentine Day, the most stressful day of the year.

For those who are sitting a lone tonight without a date, it’s stressful.

For those who have a date but forgot to book a restaurant table, it’s doubly stressful.And for those who managed to get a table, and found out that the menu prices have shot astronomically upwards to Mars, it’s triply stressful.

Mel Mel and I have an agreement to postponed our Valentine's celebration. We only can celebrate the weekend before or the weekend after. That way, we avoid the crowds and the high prices. Mel Mel is allergic to crowds and heat(that makes her headache and at one point the headache will spread to me if she dont stop blabbering) . I am allergic to high prices. I remember the time when we went to a small restaurant in Shah Alam to have seafood for our Valentine Day dinner. We were early and the restaurant was half empty. Halfway through our meal of seafood, the crowds arrived. We could see the couples waiting anxiously for empty tables, the look of intense desperation on their worried faces, like they have just shitted in their new Valentine-brand underwear.

While I was still tearing a huge crab apart, as romantically as I could, one desperate couple hovered nearby, waiting for us to quickly vacate the table. I found that mildly distracting, especially when I was attempting my best to look romantic while repeatedly slamming the crab claw viciously with a hammer. We decided that Valentine Day dinner was a bad idea from that day onwards.

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