Wednesday, February 22, 2006

International Friendly: Malaysia vs New Zealand

Last Sunday, when I woke up, I immediately turn on the TV. On channel 80, Astro Super Sport there was live telecast at 11.00 a.m. in the morning, an international football match between New Zealand vs Malaysia. I was shock at first, "since when ESPN turns their eyes on Malaysian team?"

So, without having bath yet, I sit infront of TV and wacth the game. With a ciggarate in my hands and blinking my eyes just 2 times in a minutes, the referee has blown his whistle.I was too excited to see our national team , the Tigers playing against other team.

But, I actually can stand for only 5 minutes without cursing to our own team. They still carried the image of 'kampung' style of play.. when a ball kick to one place, there must be 3 or 4 of our players run for the ball,running madly like they were chased by a dog..but sadly,its the opponent who get the ball..and it just one of them who run for the ball and the others just waiting at their own area.So our team were easily being counter attacked by the Blacks because there is no one is covering their own post/area...maybe its the instruction from the coach.

Other things that I can see regarding the so-called The Tigers, the strikers were so sellfish..
When they get the ball, they tried their best to dribble all the defences and try to get their name on the score sheet.. maybe they were blinded by the defences to see that their friends are in the best position to score, or maybe they are just too stupid to play soccer..come on maaa...even Ronaldo or Zidane would pass the ball if they think that they have no space to score..

Luciky, the New Zealand team is also too stupid too beat Malaysian team although they keep the possesion every 5 minutes, they will attack and attemp shooting but their attackers were also too blunt to score...lucky for Malaysia..but in the 86th minutes, maybe one of their strikers just realising that they will draw with the 'bimbo's wearing yellow shirts if they didnt put the ball at the back of the one of the New Zealand strikers take his lucky shot and sad for The Tigers, if they can hold for another 5 minutes, the media surely will put the news with the biggest size font
Malaysia 0 - New Zealand 0 or We hold the Blacks!!

Fuck off Malaysian football team..if you guys still playing like that and still carries the 'kampung boy' style of'll go nowhere..

Now I'm looking forward to watch My Team vs Malaysia.I cant wait to see Malaysian team were beaten by a bunch of an original 'kampung boy'!!!

Tonight, there's a match between Chelsea vs Barcelona. Chelsea!! Chelsea!!!

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