Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Format - Resignation Letter - How about it?

Today I was soo boring and dunno what to do. So, i recheck my old email inbox and i found this interesting letter that my friend send me when we're fucked up with our boss in our past company.Now both of us is a government servant...serve you right!!! Kami yang menurut perintah....


Dear Sir (Sir my ass!)

This will confirm my fucking resignation with your fucked up company. I have accepted a lucrative position with a company where being a bitch is not a job prerequisite for managerial skills. I am looking forward to my new position and the challenges that await me, unlike when I worked with you assholes. My last day of work will be when you realize I came in late the night before and cleaned out my desk, including all the stationery supplies I requested and received last week (haha).

I've deliberately left lots of undone shit for the new fucker, not forgetting the ongoing projects I never completed. I'm certain your dumb ass will never figure out what's happening. Once the company finds out that you don't know a damn thing, they will not only fire my replacement, but your ass as well. Please feel free not to say a damn thing to me should you see me on the streets, unless you want your ass kicked.

My experience with this fucking company has been very unrewarding. I appreciate having had the opportunity to use you as a stepping stone to a better future. I wish you and the organization not a fucking thing, bitch-ass motherfuckers!
Fuck you very much.

My worst regards to you and your torn-pussy mother.
Insincerely yours,

Mr. Poo Kee Mak

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