Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last Week Post Mortem

Last week I must say the most terrible week i've gone through.

First time in my life I only had RM 50 in my pocket to survive the whole 3 weeks to payday.Thanks to the BULLSHIT MEGASALE that reduced the numbers in my savings account to a single digit, I wonder why its called Megasale at the first place? But fortunately, my bike has been sold, so I had an extra money..lucky me!

But it doesnt stop me to give all my commitment to my work,but sometimes an old man could be a pain in the ass.Last Friday, I was scheduled to replace my boss to have meeting from morning to evening, I should be relief as I dont have to do any works that day. But, maybe on that day,my Chief Director had his PMS or maybe that morning he woke up with huge dildo on his ass..I was being 'tiaw'ed all day long and he make me to be his scape goat for all his mistakes..and the climax is I was not allowed to go into a meeting that I supposed to be the secretary and to jot all the minutes..What is this??? I was so fucked up..

So, I take this as a positive one..since my boss is not around, and I was not needed to attend the fucked up meeting..so I just go into my room and read some blog until 5pm.


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