Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Ministry of Tsunami and bla bla bla

This post is long overdue was in my draft since April and now its nearly 2 months late. 

The Ministry
Anyway, nothing much to tell..we have a new General Secretary. A woman..again..but a very aggressive woman, she makes all of us doing things faster and in order. Delayed in works means you are no longer relevant and wanted..until today, we have 3 casualty including our former G.S. and it will increase, believe me.

Since 1st April, life would never be the same. I thought it was only me who hadn't get enough sleep, complaints from wife coz I got no time for family, bla bla bla.. but then I met my batch mate in a meeting and they complain about the same thing..I was wondering, what kind of life that we are heading to? 

Actually, its the price we have to pay to be what we are now. Tortured. Physically and mentally until your life on a thin ice. You must be resilience and smart.  If not, you maybe success in your career but deep inside, you know you've lost..
As for me..BUAT BODO AJE LAA!! 

One of my friend get married last 2 week. I'm glad and happy for him. Sorry bro, I didn't come to your wedding reception but I would like to congratulate you and hoping you are happy ever after like was told in those faity tale books..

My other friend got her posting in Geneva, Switzerland. Congrats too..hope you do well there..and if there are chances for me to go there for a short visit, please make yourself free to be my tour guide..hehe

EPL - M.U champions again..I'm not happy with that but I must admit they are good. This season they are strong but I know Chelsea will bounce back next year. Chelsea!! Chelsea!!! 

La Liga - Our Arch-rival, the Catalans are the Champions this year..once again, I must admit they are in phenomenon performance. They beat us 2-6 in our own yard..damn!! But, my heart will still with Real Madrid!! 

UEFA Champions League - Champions vs Champions : M.U vs Barcelona. Both are my rivals. I can tolerate with Barca but not with M.U. So, I hope Barca will take the cup home. 

Malaysian Super League - Ada aku kesah?? 

Last night Roger "Fedex" Federer beats Rafael "the clay master" Nadal in Madrid Open. Federer's triumph also ended a remarkable run of success on clay for Nadal. Kudos to Federer!!  

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