Monday, September 17, 2007

Plane Crash in Thailand

A plane has reportedly crashed while trying to land on the Phuket airport runway after being caught in strong winds. It is said that the pilot could not see the runway properly and the plane heavily hit the runway. The aircraft immediately broke into two pieces and caught fire. At least 88 people died and no Malaysian were reported passengers of that plane.
Its a tragic news to start a day..I felt sorry for their family..
From what I know, this plane was a budget airlines. Many budget airlines use older planes that have been leased or purchased after years of use by other airlines. The accident was likely to raise new questions about the safety of budget airlines in Southeast Asia.
Speaking of budget airline, we also have one our famous Air Asia with the motto "Now everyone can fly". We heard them bought a few of Airbus plane not too long ago. Now, they sponsors F1 team, Renault and you can see Air at every referee's shirt in English Premier League. Thats mean they are making big money.
But, are we sure of the safety? Yes, various of safety measure have been taken but shit happens sometimes. I hope Air Asia should be more careful after the crash of its competitor's plane. We dont want to hear nor see jokes in the paper "Air Asia - Now everybody can crash"

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