Monday, September 24, 2007

Al-Fatihah to Nurin Jazlin Jazimin

Finally, after more than a month went missing, Nurin Jazlin Jaziman, an 8 years old girl found dead in a sport bag near Old Klang Road. She was laid to rest at the Ibu Kota Muslim Cemetery in Taman Danau Kota on Friday.

My wife is 2 month pregnant and soon we will having a child of our own, but my mind clouded with questions. How I am going to ensure the safety of my child? Do I have to implant a GPRS detector to my child? Is Malaysia is not safe anymore?

Actually its our responsibility to make sure that our place is the safest place for our children to live and not depending only on the police service. Nowadays, I am sadden with our social scenario.. If we go 10 years back, anybody will know everybody in that particular place as long as they are neighbours. But what happens today?? Even me dont know the name of my neighbours myself. Thats because they aren't Malaysian..They are Filipinos..

That is another problem of our country. Lots of immigrants and they will do anything for a living as well as their sexual desires. For them, even an 8 years old girl can do!!!! What an animal they are!!! But then, I dont think animal will 'turn on' to another unmature species of their kind.

This is sick!!! And this got to stop!!! We must build back our "Rukun Tetangga" and make our society strong!!! Beware of immigrants. The reason they came are because of work and money. Malaysia have both. Our youngsters nowadays don't want to work as an constructions workers and they will laugh to whoever who did. When this became a trend, immigrant will take the chance and Malaysians are the stupid ones.

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