Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Takes A Strong Will To Be A Father

Last week, my baby girl, Emi cries unstop until her voice turns like Sahara Yaakop. Never handling this kind of situation before, I was panic like hell and quickly went to the nearest clinic. Luckily the doc said that it was a normal sympthom for a child to have a little fever and her main problem is constipation. So after a shot of medicine (I forgot what its name), she excrete like a wild ox..hehehe..until then, she fall asleep. Its 2 a.m in the morning.

So, when we got home, I can't sleep... thinking how hard for my parents to raise me when I was a child..I nearly cracked under pressure and panic when my daughter get sick, then my parents got 7 children under their care..and that time life is not as easy as today..money is hard to earn..

Then, I realise why every father hardly let go his daughter to marry any men she loves...worried that the man couldn't love and care for his daughter like he used to do every single seconds.

This kind of thing makes me become more matured and loves my parents even more.
It really takes a strong will to become a father.

To abah, ayah, daddy, abi, bapak all over the world....

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