Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Day After Pilihanraya

Yup..yesterday everybody are busy asking each other "Oitt..sudah menggundi kaa??" (Have you cast out your vote yet?) but like I said before, I don't give a damn about myself going out voting.

Actually I lied. Not that I don't care about what happened in my country..but I'm too frustrated about this country's politic scenario..but again..I am wrong.

After all hard work from both BN's and the Opposition's, finally I see light in the end of the tunnel..

Anyway, BN still won though ... but with less majority... and 5 states have fallen to the opposition.. that's the price to pay when you're playing with the people's intellectuality...don't think we are dumb to let all these corruptions continues..

Just to say that I am happy with this year's Pilihanraya...maybe next time I'll go out voting and fulfil my responsibility to the country..

I'll continue later coz I'm in the rush. Maybe I'll update this frequently if my office's server didn't block then..adios..

P/S: I still wonder why Terengganu's people still blind enough to see the light of hope..

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