Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Wedding To Remember

If you want to see the true spirit of 1Malaysia, I must say that you should look at the Sabahan people. In Sabah, there are hundreds of ethnic living together in one state with Kadazan-Dusun, Murut and Bajau are the main ethnic and differences in ethnicity is never being an issue (but they really hate PATI ). It is a pity that kind of spirit is hard to find in the Peninsular ..sigh....

Being married to a Sabahan girl makes me a different person. She is just a normal Dusun girl but she has a lot of friends that come from different type of ethnic and religion.

Today, one of her friend is getting married. The girl, Clare (my wife's friend) is a Kadazan-Dusun and her other half, Aaron is a Chindian (Chinese+Indian) from Kuala Lumpur. They held a reception dinner at the Royal Selangor Club and we are invited.

The guests are selected from close relatives, families and friends. There are only about 100 person invited and I feel honored to be among them.

The food is okay but we didn't come for the foods. Its the bond between old friends that makes the night meaningful.
The couple then take the floors to dance. After that, a few people including us also joining the couple. Me and my wife were given a big applause for being such a sporting because I am the only Malay and she is the only one wearing tudung.

I am so happy because I saw a glimpse of hope for Malaysian to live together without any barrier between them. Thank you Clare and Aaron for the great night. Congratulations!! Till death do both of you apart..

P/S : I want my daughter's wedding to be filled with diversity of people, races, religion etc etc..although it will only happen at least in the next 20 years..

I'm sorry if my English is bad..its 3.30 a.m, gua mengantuk daaa....


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I feel the spirit of 1 Malaysia in your writing. It is what we long for to be happy Malaysians. Congrates to the lucky couple.

X-weatherman said...

KTSG : Thank you. Yes, I always dream about Malaysian living together without having any qualms about our differences..