Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A meeting with Monyet King

Two months ago, this comment (read here) has made the management of PSN held their breath and imagining a miserable future while the staffs feeling disgust with what they read. This article also making the blood of somebody at the top boils because there is another somebody's name mentioned. It was all caused by a Monyet (monkey)...but this monkey is known as Monyet King and this king of the monkey is an educated one too..

Anyway, I don't give a damn at the first place. I know there are problems everywhere in Gov Agencies including us. So, we just need to strategies and improve, thats all. Its the basic equation. But, sadly there are still people in Malaysia who still don't know what equation means..

To make the story short, because I am the one so called a Deep-low-matic Officer, so I was given an order to meet this Monyet King and ask him for some ideas and how things can be improved. Yes..you must thinking what I'm thinking at that time.

"Asking a monkey for ideas?? Are you nuts ?? Is the world are about to end??"

But as a Deep-low-matic Officer, we have been install this program in our head and its called "Kami yang menurut perintah.exe"

Last week I contacted him and we arranged to meet a week later.

Today, me and my colleague had lunch with him and like what he said, we have a productive hour discussing things about PSN..it turns out that Monyet King is a nice guy and although he is older than me but he is still a handsome guy (just second to me) , healthy and always in focus.

Of course talking about PSN is such a boring subject. We also talked about his future trip to Everest and his experience about his environmental works. His knowledge about Nobel Prize winner is also amazing and he told us that he met 2 Nobel Prize winners that he regards it as one of the best moment of his life. So, he is a smart monkey indeed...hehehe

I was actually about to pay for the lunch for his time spent with us but as a monkey, his reflex is faster and he quickly put his platinum card to the platter. So thank you for the food and drinks. It was delicious. To our surprise, the lunch bill won a lucky draw at the restaurant. I put it as a good sign for both sides.

He promised to wrote something in his blog tonight. And you can read it here. And he also mentioned my name 3 times..hehe

Well, Dr. G Balamurugan aka Monyet King.. it is a pleasure to meet you..

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Monyet King said...

It was a pleasure to meet you, X-weatherman (... excellent name for someone from Met. Services). Hope to follow your blog regularly.