Monday, August 20, 2007

New Man

Hello...I'm Back.

After a few months since I left Met. Dept. and adapting my life in MOSTI, I felt an overwhelming wave of tense and bored surrounded I said to myself. I need to blog..

One of things that I hate here in MOSTI is the computer.. you can access from here but you cannot transfer you picture from phone or your digital camera into the computer..seriously, I have a lot of pictures to be put in here but I can't. That's why i stopped blogging.

Theres a lot i would like to I'm married and my wife's car looks normal again..places that i went..being a Liaison Officer, but to me a story isn't complete without a picture.
So, I didn't post a single story or any fucking updates because I CANT PUT MY PICTURE IN IT!!!

Anyway, we are living in a high technology world. I'll try to update this page regularly with or without pictures..InshaAllah.

First thing first, I start with changing its skin...hows that??

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Maymel said...

" From the mind and hearts ".....Simple and sempoi...tapi rock cikitlah..hehehe