Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Miss Blogging

Its been a while since I last wrote in this blog. Since my director moved out from this department, my life has been hectic, full of stress and disappointment. But taking it as a challange, makes me cheer a little bit and thinking that I still have someone special in my life makes all the burdens disappear.

My colleague has been promoted yesterday. I'm happy to hear that but maybe not all of this department especially those in the other services can accept the fact that we PTD have a very good roadmap for our future . So thats mean I only have another 6 month to a year to serve this department, if nothing changes laa...

Then its back to normal life again.The workload here is killing me. Little by little it giving my rage back to life as my self-concious depleted slowly. With the salary that I think is not enough for my lifestyle, maybe its time for me to find a place that suits me and can gives my mind a break..

One thing that Im really proud of is Melmel..she's my icon for pure determination and patience although she had outburst her anger lots lots lots of time and also lots of pressure were down to her, she'll still stick to her decision anyhow..thats my 'bini'..hehehe

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