Thursday, January 03, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE

Last week is my birthday. 27th December to be exact. I purposely hide my birth date in my Facebook page just to test my friends either they remember or not (and also to avoid myself from getting a facial cake from them too). 

To my expectation, not many of them remembered, only family and close friends wished me "Happy Birthday". So, I can see the importance of Facebook nowadays is beyond than just a mere social page and its not a good thing if you ask me. 

But that is not what I'm going to say. Getting older makes you received less gift for birthday and this year, none. Its okay, I can buy my own gift..the gift that I wanted...a new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3. 

I wanted to buy the phone since it launched early 2012. But I got a newer version of the phone, a LTE version. I dunno what is LTE means so i google it. 
LTE is just a short form for Long-Term Evolution (you can read in full here) and it supports 4G. Actually,  the most appealing spec for me is phone comes with 2Gb RAM instead of only 1Gb Ram in the original model. You also can read all the specs here

So, as an addition to my last post, rewarding yourself is one of the way to make you happy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! And thank you Darling for the wonderful cake and tasty dinner. I love you.

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