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Copy & Paste : 10 Things I want BA to do

And now the next one.

10 things I want Pakatan to do

Here are 10 things that I would like Pakatan to do (note : the first and last two items are similar to the BN list)

1.Listen to the rakyat
You guys are also not very different from the BN fellows in terms of listening to the rakyat. People want their voices to be heard. People want to be consulted. Regardless whether you agree with them or not, you should listen to what the people have got to say. Rakyat means everyone, not only your supporters. Dengar la sikit… bukan susah sangat. For every major programme, policy or project that you embark upon, engage the rakyat and get feedback. And engage them seriously. I have seen some progress in Selangor and Penang but tak cukup la… Do some more. State laws can be amended to make public consultation mandatory for major policies, programmes and projects. PLEASE LISTEN.

2.Encourage opposing views
Just because people don’t agree with you does not mean that they hate you. The internet has already neutralised the control of information. Don’t repeat what the BN fellows are doing. Allow dissenting views. In fact, you should go further by encouraging dissenting views. Encourage forums and debates in the 4 states that you are governing now. In Kelantan for example, despite over 20 years of PAS rule, I have yet to see any progress made in this respect. You always blame the BN for stifling people’s views but you are actually not very different. ENCOURAGE DISSENTING VIEWS.

3.Succession plan
Who after Anwar? The BN, despite their flaws, has some sort of succession plan in place. You guys don’t. Habuk pun tarak. Don’t tell me Anwar will live forever. Without a succession plan, Pakatan is not very bankable. The last thing people want, after supporting you guys, is to see Pakatan crumble because of in-fighting for leadership. Please tell the rakyat who is second in line. All I can see is that the talent pool within Pakatan is pretty small. And can someone also tell me who will eventually succeed Guan Eng ? Will he also live forever ?. START GROOMING SUCCESSORS.

4.Agree on common positions on important issues
Very often, PKR, DAP and PAS have not be able to present a common stand on important issues. Minor issues, never mind la. But on key issues, please sit together and agree on a common position. When DAP says one thing and PAS says something completely opposite, it only gives the impression that you fellows cannot get your act together. You have been squabbling in the open on everything from MTV concerts to chicken shit. Next time try to quarrel in private. ADOPT COMMON STANDS ON KEY ISSUES.

5.Cut the double speak
Double speak seems to be the trademark of many politicians, particularly those from Pakatan. For example, you fellows have the habit of asking BN old-timers (e.g. Dr M, Taib Mohamed) to retire, saying they have been in power for too long, lah… But the irony of this is that the Pakatan old-timers LKS, Karpal, Hadi, Nik Aziz have been around since the time of the diplodocous and spinosaurus. Be consistent la. If you think your dinosaurs can still contribute, then you cannot use that argument against the dinosaurs in BN. Similarly, your comments about the judiciary have been comical. For example during the Perak MB crisis, whenever the courts ruled in your favour, you will scream “justice has prevailed”. When the courts ruled against you, you whined “judiciary is corrupt”. Hello geng… consistent la sikit. CUT OUT THE DOUBLE SPEAK.

6.Focus your efforts on governing SG, PG, KD & KN
I want you to focus on governing Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan. Forget about Putrajaya for the time being. Gain experience running a state, especially those with sophisticated economies like Selangor and Penang. The rakyat are not stupid – they know. If you can govern the 4 states well, you will eventually win the other states with ease. You cannot use the argument that PAS has already been governing Kelantan for more than 20 years and hence has all the necessary experience. Kelantan has a primitive economy and has been in the doldrums for the past 50 years. Kedah’s economy is nothing to shout about. To me, Pakatan (especially Anwar) seems obsessively obsessed with taking over Putrajaya. What’s the hurry ? Is this the only way of getting Anwar out of his legal troubles? I would be very concerned if you take over Putrajaya now. You simply do not have the experience and there is too much squabbling among PKR, DAP and PAS. Steady does it. Focus on the states at hand. Putrajaya will automatically come to you when the rakyat are convinced of your capabilities. FOCUS ON THE JOB AT HAND.

7.Improve party governance
Wash your backside first before criticizing others. Ensure that democracy and good governance are fully practised within PKR, DAP and PAS. PKR’s last party election was one big dirty joke. Complete disaster. If you cannot even ensure good governance for your own party election, can we expect anything better when you run the country? Anwar’s position as his party supremo is a joke – an unelected fellow pulling all the strings ? Is this how you going to run the country ? The basic requirements for all politicians. Stand for elections and win (including in your own party elections). IMPROVE PARTY GOVERNANCE

8.Don’t be a sour puss
Don’t oppose everything the BN just for the sake of opposing and don’t find fault in everything BN does. In this respect, the BN fellows are better than you – they spend less time criticising and finding fault in you. So far I have not seen much evidence that you guys are smarter than the buggers in BN. You need to set the example. Otherwise, when you are in power, the BN fellows will do the same things and there will be no end to this partisan circus. Rakyat will suffer. I hope some of you will stand up and support the good initiatives by BN. Your job is to serve the rakyat – not to bring down the other side. It really makes me sick that you go out of your way to make BN look bad. Where there is merit, support lah. GIVE CREDIT WHEN AND WHERE IT IS DUE.

9.Bridge in gender gap in politics
You are just as bad as BN when it comes to gender balance. And don’t give me the crap that the President of PKR is a woman because in reality she is only a puppet which is very insulting to women. PAS is of course worst of the lot when it comes to women’s representation in politics. There are so many competent women out there, can’t you see that. Hello bro… this is 2011 not 1911. I want to see women forming at least 30% of Pakatan candidates at the next GE. How much progress have women made in Kelantan politics over the last 20 years of PAS rule? Kosong. Telor mata kerbau. EMPOWER WOMEN.

10.Put up intelligent candidates
Last GE, you guys put up many cows, goats and frogs as candidates. While the frogs have jumped sides, the cows and goats are still hanging around. For goodness sake, put up intelligent people as candidates for the next GE. While you may be forgiven for putting up morons last GE, this time around, you have had the benefit of time. There should be no excuses for putting up anymore morons, numbskulls and birdbrains. (Hint : you put up that Lingam camera man and he won. Where is he now? Hilang terus. Allowance buta). I am sure you have realised that the rakyat (at least those with common sense) will eventually vote for the candidate rather than the party. Find smart people as difficult as it may be. PUT UP CANDIDATES WITH BRAINS

These are only 10 out of the zillion things that Pakatan should do. Many of the 10 things I stated for BN are also valid for Pakatan. There are so many other things that I want write but these will have to wait for another time.

I hope you fellows in Pakatan will also loosen up a bit… you seem more sensitive to criticism than the people in BN. Chill, bro. Just because you are opposition does not mean you are an angel.

**You can read the originals here. Thank you Monyet King!

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